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Scar of division, Healing the korean trauma

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Scar of division,

 Healing the korean trauma

Konkuk university Professor Jong Kyun Kim,

treats North Korean defectors using the ‘Oral cure’


Recently, deportation and the legal help for the North Korean defectors attracted the social attention. People’s voice are getting louder these days that we must give them a financial support and protect them from violation of human rights. In this situation, there’s a man who treats the defectors pain.



 Konkuk university Unification of humanity Professor Jong Kyun Kim is immersing in North Korean defector’s psychical cure. It’s a ‘Oral cure’ between Professor Kim, and North Korean defectors. They had experienced extreme crisis and painful situation while they were escaping from North Korea. Individually one by one, he listens the horrible situation about the war and records on his video tape.



 On January 15, Internet broadcast Ministry of Unification (uniTV) has progressed the talk show ‘Pill Tong’. It’s a talk show which audience can communicate with the expert about the division of Korea. Professor Kim took the role of an expert. On the audience seats, Hanyoung&Hana high school students, Hanyoung high school teacher&professor, and one university journalist joined the show.




 In the talk show, we watched the video which contains the North Korean defector’s heartbroken story due to the Korean war. After that, we had a short ‘Q-and A session’ and ‘Expressing one’s opinion’ time about the korean unification.



One of the Awful situation was introduced in the talk show. The story was about the man who has experienced ironic incident due to the Korean War. First, after the outbreak of the Korean War the man was taken from South Korea. His wife who noticed the man was missing married a rich man again who has lived near by her house. But few weeks later the missing man came back to home. So eventually, they had a serious difficulty going back to the normal life.



 The video that Professor Kim showed us was dramatic. It was like story that we could see only in the movie. The defectors were behaving dangerously simply because they have to survive in extreme situations. If there was no ‘War’ in this world, it would had never happened. Therefore, we must not use the word ‘Spy’ or ‘Prostitute’ to them with out knowing this dramatic situation. If it is not surely verified whether the defector is a real spy or not, those behavior might create negative prejudice to many people. We have to understand their unavoidable conditions.



There is some misunderstanding facts about the North Korean defector that we usually have in mind. Let’s check out a few additional questions and answers.


Q1: Those who were escaped from North Korea, We usually call them ‘North Korean defector’. But except for that, we can use ‘Saereomin’, or ‘North Korean refugees’. Please tell us the exact name for defectors.

A: “We also tried voting for choosing an official name, but each result was extremely different. So until now, due to the political and financial problem, the exact name is frequently changing.

But I personally want to use the word ‘Defector Citizen’. ‘Breaking’ could be misunderstood to ‘Deviation in korean language. The nuance of ‘Breaking away’ can cause negative impression.

Q2: We may be curious and able to ask defectors about the process of escaping from North Korea. Does these questions really can cause a bad effect to them?

A: “When you become intimate with defectors and talk with them to an open mind, they will also confess their heartrending sorrow to you. I personally believe that sharing the heartbroken story with someone else can naturally cure the bruise in mind.”



To the North Korean defectors, adapting to Korean society is still a great problem. They would have been experienced their homeland changing lots of times. When they were in North Korea, they were forced to sing the North Korean national anthem. When they were in China or Nepal, they would have also be forced to sing their national anthem. This pitiful situation can lead to losing their nation identity. It’s so miserable that defectors can’t live like us. They were sometimes regarded as ‘minorities’. To the defectors, I’m sure that our support must be desperate.


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