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Is SNS good or bad...a never-ending debate

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Is SNS (social networking site) good or bad? This is a common topic that appears frequently on many debates. It’s hard to say that it’s always good or it’s always bad. This is because SNS has both positive and negative sides. However, comparing the two sides is feasible. When I compared the two sides, I concluded that the positive side is bigger than the negative side. Then what makes SNS so great to be called “good” despite some downsides?


Most importantly, SNS plays a vital role in democracy. The key to democracy is public discourse and political participation. Only through public discourse and active political participation can democracy reflect citizens’ opinions. SNS encourages public discourse and political participation. This is because SNS spreads political news or information to people very quickly. For instance, a terror that occurred recently in Paris was first reported on Tweeter by residents in Paris. Likewise, through SNS, many people can be aware of political happenings immediately and react fast. After hearing the news, people write comments about their political opinion or share the posting. This process forms public opinion, which plays an important role in democracy. Public opinion can tell the government what majority of citizens think and influence its policies and decisions. Furthermore, by sharing and talking about political issues, citizens can have public interests. The more citizens are interested in politics, the more democracy becomes mature less incorrupt. In fact, there are many examples that show how SNS triggers political interests. It’s about Muslim boy called Ahmed who was arrested for taking a homemade clock to school. After this incident was reported, social media exploded with tweet using #ISupportAhmed hashtag. This became a number one trending hashtag worldwide and people took photos of themselves with clocks at work. They wrote things like “Watch Out, It’s a guy with a clock” which was obviously being sarcastic about mistaking a clock for a bomb. Thanks to the boom on SNS, the public supported the boy and he was released. Therefore, people can express their political opinions and create public opinion which contributes to democracy.


Furthermore, people can communicate with and relate to new people and friends. Separateness and loneliness are the key causes for negative emotions like anger, sadness, and frustration and so on. When one feels alone and alienated, all negative emotions emerge. However, SNS can take away separateness. On SNS people can become friends with new people with common interests and have a conversation. This new relationship can extend from cyber space to real-world. For instance, people who share common interests can from a group on SNS and share their phone numbers and addresses and meet. Also, through SNS, people can maintain stable relationships with old friends. By communicating and sharing daily life on SNS, stable relationships with friends can be maintained. For example, I keep in touch with my friends from elementary school on Facebook and chat often. If it were not for SNS, our relationship would not have maintained until now. Likewise SNS makes me feel less separated and more connected with my friends. Some may say that relationships on SNS are fake. However, this depends on the person’s personality and attitudes. As for me and my friends we keep a true, valuable relationship on SNS.


 I agree with the fact that SNS can sometimes have a negative impact on users. However, when compared to the positive effects of SNS, the negative sides are negligible. I believe that SNS’ contribution to democracy and maintaining relationships are incomparable to other negative impacts. Moreover, when one uses SNS properly and rationally, there is no chance of being harmed by it. Therefore, SNS definitely has impacted our society in a positive manner. 

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