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Jordan and Israel : Settling peace in holy sites

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 It is said by John Kerry, U.S. secretary of state, that Israel and Jordan decided to take actions for the purpose of reducing tensions at a holy site in Jerusalem. Kerry also raised his voice to emphasize how essential it is for leaders to make an effort stopping violence. The top U.S. diplomat explained that the actions involve monitoring 24 hours and Israel's reaffirming of Jordan's significant role of janitor. Israel accepted the ideas and also promised to maintain the rules of worship at the site. Kerry stated that the leaders of both countries showed strong commitment to putting violence to an end and restoring the calm. In addition, he claimed that Israel will continue to enforce its policy of religious worship and clearly has no intention of dividing the site. He considers around-the-clock monitoring will provide transparency and visibility. Currently, there were a great deal of Palestinian fears which worry that Israel is trying to change the status quo. Palestinians were more frightened when the number of Jewish activists requiring prayer nights visiting the shrine increased. About this matter, Israel made its position clear by accusing Palestinian leaders of lying and inciting to violence. Kerry said the U.S. strongly denounces reprehensible terrorist attacks and consider it important to guide people to believe that violence is not an acceptable option. 

- reference : an article from www.nytimes.com (World - Middle East)


 I would like to enumerate two opinions I have in mind about actions decided to be taken by Jordan and Israel.


 First, I think round-the-clock monitoring of holy sites is an effective idea. I agree with U.S. and other countries that this act will provide visibility and transparency. Application of this action will contribute to clear case examination if a conflict or happening occurs in holy sites. But to carry this into execution, there are a few things which can be a bit of a grey zone that must be made clear. At the moment, who would do the surveillance is uncertain and exactly how monitoring would be carried out is not decided. Whoever monitors need to be a third party who is neither related to Jordan nor Israel. Also, the person in responsibility must pledge to be disinterested at all times. And I personally think that the details of monitoring need to be specified for the efficient run. For example, building a monitoring base on the borderline between Jordan and Israel would be okay, too. But of course, this must be executed based upon the premise that both countries agreed.     

 Second, more policies for protection of citizens should be made based on an reached agreement between Jordan and Israel. After reading this article, I couldn't stop thinking that all the interested parties are overlooking the significance of protecting the country and citizens in case of terrorist attacks. Though the leaders try to bring peace to the current situation, there could always be some terrorists who make attempt to attack innocent citizens and break peace. Leaders must not only say that we need to reduce violence but come up with practical measures to protect people from dangerous terrors. For example, police of each country, Jordan and Israel, should figure out locations of religious terrorist groups that have potential to attack holy sites and inform citizens of it. Also, legislations to compensate those attacked by religious terrorist groups should be enacted. Though compensating the victims might be a little hard because of country's own circumstances, it is truly a thing that must be done. We have to keep in mind that giving help and support to victims as well as preventing attacks is essential. 

 It is very fortunate that two leaders of each country have reached agreement at some point and settling peace in holy sites is in progress. I think U.S., perhaps the most influential country in the world, is also fulfilling its task of helping other countries solve conflicts and combat problems. I felt that we, South Korea, should emulate the action of U.S. helping two countries arrive at a single agreement. I look forward to seeing reduction of religious conflicts in holy sites in the near future. If we take active interests in other countries issues as well as our own issues, we would be able to promote world peace.


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